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At Healthy Home™ Energy and Consulting, our 30 years of experience in residential construction along with our very own highly trained and certified team of installers, makes us well-suited for evaluating and implementing both window and door replacement and repair work. Whether you live in a historic house in Katonah with original wood framed single pane windows or a 1950s home in Yorktown fitted with vinyl framed units, we can recommend and implement the right solution for you.

On average, homes lose about 20 percent of their heat through windows and doors. And during the summer, windows can be responsible for a significant amount of heat gain during the cooling season.

By replacing your home's windows and doors with new ENERGY STAR® models, you can save on your heating and cooling costs, be more comfortable, reduce noise and add value to your home.

Home Efficiency Isn't Always About Replacement

Before you replace your windows and doors, first consider your options. Contrary to popular belief, through the data we have collected performing thousands of home energy audits, we know that the best and most cost effective solution to your energy problems is not necessarily to replace your existing windows and exterior doors. Now, in some cases, replacing old, damaged windows or a poorly fitting entry door may be recommended. However, in many cases, replacement is not necessary to improve efficiency.

Assessing the condition and performance of the windows and exterior doors is part of our energy audit process for all of our clients in Northern Westchester and beyond. During the energy audit, we will pinpoint exactly where the energy is being wasted in your home and recommend the right solution for you.

Get The Biggest Bang for Your Buck!

It can be very costly to replace windows and doors. You will save more energy and get the biggest bang for your buck by investing in high performance insulation and air sealing in the attic, floors and walls. Typically, as part of an air sealing solution, we can replace weatherstripping and caulking on existing windows and doors, resulting in a much more cost effective solution to improve the performance and efficiency of your home. In the case of bay windows, we look at the seal and insulation under the units as well.

High Performance and Value with ENERGY STAR® Windows and Doors

If installing new windows or doors is the best choice for your home, we work with quality, high-performance manufacturers like Andersen and Marvin to bring you custom wood replacement windows and doors that match historic styles and sizes as well as new construction requirements. We only install ENERGY STAR-rated windows and doors to make sure that you are getting the best performance and value for your investment.

Ask us about financing and incentive programs that include window upgrades and improvements!

Boost home efficiency with the right windows and doors.

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Amazing difference in comfort level

HH performed a comprehensive energy audit and suggested three waves of work. We have completed the first wave - sealing the home from infiltration and insulating a floor that was directly exposed to the cold. Amazing difference in comfort level after the work was complete. No drafts, rooms are warmer.

White Plains, NY