Transforming your house into an energy-efficient Healthy Home™

What Makes a Healthy Home™?

Healthy Home™ Energy and Consulting is the leading health and energy efficiency contractor for homeowners in the Tri-State Area and beyond. Using the latest technology available, in tandem with our home performance knowledge, we offer non-invasive, strategic improvements to make your home healthier, more comfortable, and energy efficient. A healthy home addresses symptoms like:

  • Respiratory issues (asthma, allergies)
  • Carbon monoxide exposure
  • Mold sensitivities
  • High energy costs

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A Healthy Evaluation is the First Step Toward a Healthier, More Sustainable Life

A proper diagnosis is always the first step to a comprehensive treatment plan. Issues in a home are not always visible to the naked eye and symptoms like frequent headaches or allergies may have a connection to the health of your home that isn't always obvious. The first step in making your home more healthy and comfortable for you and your family is a Healthy Home Evaluation. This top-to-bottom assessment of your home will examine your home efficiency, your indoor air quality and much more. From the evaluation results, Healthy Home's team of building science experts will design a custom solution to make your home a truly healthy home.
  • Air Duct cleaning
  • Air Duct Sealing
  • Dehumidification
  • Heating Cooling
  • Air Filtration
  • Insulation
  • Fresh Air
  • Air duct sealing

Whole Home Solutions Designed to Make Your Entire Home Healthier & More Energy Efficient

Energy Audits

Indoor Air Quality


Heating & Cooling

Why Choose Healthy Home Energy Consulting?

Since Healthy Home's founding in 2007, client satisfaction and environmental awareness have driven Healthy Home on a mission to improve the Indoor Air Quality in local New York homes and to help families live healthier lives. Using the latest technology, our team of building scientists offers non-invasive, strategic improvements to make every home more comfortable, energy-efficient, and healthy.

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How healthy is your home’s air?


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