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Air leakage accounts for 30 to 40 percent of all the energy losses in a house. It's the top priority in any home performance improvement. Dropping the air leakage by a measured amount gives you proof that Healthy Home™ prevents home heat loss and creates home energy savings for our customers in communities like Westchester, Fairfield and Putnam.

Why Air Seal?

Proper air sealing saves you money, significantly increases your family's comfort and improves indoor air quality year-round. For example, a sealed attic stops warm, moist air from continuing its path up and out through plumbing and electrical penetrations, attic hatches and through framing that is exposed in the attic.

A sealed attic improves your comfort by reducing the cold drafts you feel on the lower floors because the "stack effect" is slowed down. There is much less cold air being pulled into the house at the lower levels because there is much less warm air escaping at the top of the house.

A comprehensive energy evaluation, including a blower door test, will quantify how much air leakage exists in your home along with the current insulation levels and quality.

Air Sealing: The Most Important Energy Efficient Improvement

Comfort, heating and cooling costs and air leakage are all linked together. Air leakage drives comfort down and costs up. High air leakage rates cause heating and cooling loss as well as moisture condensation problems, drafts and contamination of indoor air by pollutants.

Randomly applying a caulking gun or cans of foam insulation to suspected air leakage areas is not a good solution. Healthy Home™ uses professional diagnostic equipment to measure the before and after air leakage rate.

We determine what the "after" air leakage rate should be before we start any air sealing work. We guarantee you that we'll reduce the air leakage rate by a measureable amount!

Measure It, Seal It, Measure it Again for Great Results!

A blower door measures the exact rate of air leakage in your house. At Healthy Home™, we investigate hidden air leakage areas and problems with poor insulation by performing a blower door test along with infrared thermal imaging

Our team uses the proper diagnostic tools, goes through a comprehensive energy audit, and when we do the air sealing work, we make certain we seal all those hard-to-reach and hidden air leaks in attics and basements, under exposed floors and through walls connecting garages to living spaces.

Performance-based air sealing is especially important in older heritage and historic houses like those in Croton-on-Hudson and other long-established communities in our area.

Let Healthy Home™ improve your home's energy efficiency, comfort and indoor air quality with performance-based air sealing! Get it touch with us now.

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