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Do you experience multiple colds in a single year, or have a throat that is always sore no matter the season? Maybe you’ve even noticed that you have a headache whenever you are at home. These seemingly chronic symptoms could indicate that there is actually something in your home that is affecting your health. 


The team at Healthy Home Energy & Consulting has developed a Healthy Home Evaluation aimed at identifying and solving the kind of home performance issues that could be causing you to keep catching colds, experience frequent headaches, and more. Here is what you should know about indoor air quality issues and the best way to clean your indoor air.


Air Leaks & Your Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air you breathe at home can very well depend on the air leakage present in your home. From the crawl space to the attic, there are hidden holes and gaps that can allow outside air to infiltrate your living space. That outdoor air brings with it allergens and contaminants, and as it passes through your home it will also pick up the volatile organic compounds that are in the materials that your home is constructed with. 

Once these contaminants enter your home, they cycle through your breathing air over and over again via the ductwork of your heating and cooling system. If you or your family members have a sensitivity to the particles recirculating in your air, it could be what is causing your headaches and colds!


Solving Indoor Air Quality Issues

One of the first steps in our Healthy Home Evaluation is to perform an indoor air quality test. This will uncover if there are any dangerously high levels of the following:

  • Particles

  • Chemicals

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Humidity

Once we have a clear picture of the indoor air quality in your home, we can develop a customized plan to make your breathing air healthier, and reduce the unwanted symptoms you experience all year long! These services can include air purification and ventilation upgrades, as well as insulation and air sealing.


Increase the Health of Your Hudson Valley Home

If you have been wondering why you always have a cold, and have been wondering, “Can your house make you ill?”, there is good news: You can get answers! Take steps to getting rid of those frequent headaches and colds, and increase the efficiency of your home in the process! Healthy Home Energy & Consulting is here to help you breathe easier in your Fairfield, Putnam, Rockland, or Westchester County home.

Tired of feeling like your home may be causing your year round health symptoms? Schedule your Healthy Home Evaluation with Healthy Home Energy & Consulting at 914-242-9733, or get in touch here.

What to know if the air on your home is causing your persistent cough?

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