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Many homes in Westchester, Putnam and Fairfield Counties contain high levels of invisible indoor pollutants. This is known as poor indoor air quality, or poor IAQ. When you have poor IAQ in your home, you and your family breathe contaminated air. These are just some of the possible symptoms you or your family may experience with poor IAQ:

  • Are you sneezing more frequently at home?
  • Are your children coming down with more colds?
  • Do you ever wake up congested or find it difficult to breathe?
  • Are you plagued by frequent headaches?

Some of the most common pollutants lurking in homes include:


Dust & dander

Dust & Dander

Mold & mildew

Mold & Mildew

Bacteria & Viruses


Drawing on our in-depth Building Science expertise, and utilizing indoor air quality monitoring technology, Healthy Home will test your IAQ and tell you exactly where you stand. We’ll then devise a solution to ensure you’ll start:

 Breathing cleaner air at home

 More energy

 Greater productivity

 Better sleep

 Overall healthier living.

That’s a Healthy Home, and that’s why we love what we do.

Alleviate Allergy Symptoms, Frequent Illness & More

Do you or a member of your family suffer from seasonal allergies, frequent illness, or respiratory disease? The cause could be the air inside your home. Don’t let poor indoor air quality keep you from feeling your best — get in touch with our team to start improving your IAQ!

The Healthy Home Team: Dedicated to Improving IAQ

Over the course of 30 years as a successful luxury homebuilder, our founder Kevin Brenner fell in love with building science and the performance of homes. His passion for building new, high quality homes led him to assemble a team of smart and passionate home efficiency experts to transform exisiting houses into energy efficient healthy homes. Since its founding in 2007, client satisfaction and environmental awareness have driven Healthy Home on a mission to improve the Indoor Air Quality in local New York homes and to help families live healthier lives.

Using the latest technology, our team of building scientists offer non-invasive, strategic improvements to make every home more comfortable, energy efficient, and healthy. Want to know your IAQ? We’re here to help!

Want to breathe clean and healthy air at home?

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