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Too much carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide in your home is one of the more serious health concerns when it comes to your indoor air quality. But what causes both carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to leak into your breathing air, and how can you prevent it? Here is what you should know about carbon monoxide poisoning and how to prevent it.


The Symptoms & Causes of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Many homeowners ask us, “How much carbon monoxide in a home is dangerous?” When carbon monoxide is at levels higher than 6 parts per million (ppm), it will begin to harm your health. According to the medical experts at the Mayo Clinic, this odorless, colorless gas can cause some terrifying symptoms, including:

Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of combustion, and in a home you will likely find carbon monoxide at its highest levels near fuel-burning appliances like a furnace or gas stove. Carbon monoxide can find its way to the rest of your home, affecting your breathing air just about everywhere. 

Improperly functioning combustion equipment will give off excess carbon monoxide. However, well designed heating and cooling system should account for ventilating any carbon monoxide back outside, so an increase in carbon monoxide could mean your home is in need of extra ventilation measures like whole house fans as well.

Air Quality & Combustion Safety Testing

At Healthy Home Energy & Consulting, we test for these dangerous indoor air quality issues through an AirAdvice air quality test. This is included in every Healthy Home Evaluation, and the AirAdvice portion only takes 30 minutes. The data is then uploaded to our network, where we will combine the results with the remaining findings of your Healthy Home Evaluation

Our combustion safety test will also help determine where your carbon monoxide is coming from, like a faulty pilot light or mechanical issue with your furnace. From there, we will develop a plan to properly ventilate your home to further decrease your risk of carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide poisoning. 

Do you suspect you may have a carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide issue in your home? Find out with a Healthy Home Evaluation. Call Healthy Home Energy & Consulting at 914-242-9733 or get in touch here.

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