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If you struggle from asthma, year round allergy symptoms or respiratory illness, or another form of respiratory disorder, the cleanliness of air you breathe is important. But even if you don’t suffer from those respiratory issues, did you know that an increase in exposure to allergens and other triggers, like in a house that is always dusty for example, has been linked to causing those same kinds of allergic reactions and illnesses? No matter how healthy your lungs are, the air you breathe is important.

Understanding Your Allergy Threshold

Though here at Healthy Home Energy & Consulting, we are singularly focused on helping you live in a healthier home, we are not medical professionals and cannot solve your individual allergy issues. But we can help reduce the allergens in your home, decreasing the amount of times those allergens reach your allergy threshold. 

When the mix of genetic factors & environmental triggers reaches the threshold for an individual, allergy & asthma symptoms are expressed — our goal is to reduce your environmental triggers as much as possible. 


Finding the Causes

If you have been looking to figure out how much humidity is in your house, the level of allergens in your breathing air, or what kind of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are infiltrating your living space through the tiny holes and cracks in your home, an AirAdvice indoor air quality test is the solution. 


Making your home a healthier place to live should begin with understanding what is currently in your air. We include the results of your indoor air quality test in every Healthy Home Evaluation, which will outline the ways you can make your home healthier and more energy efficient. Even if you don’t suffer from respiratory issues and you are just looking for solutions to get rid of mold in your house, find out what is making your house feel so muggy, or discover a fix for your inside window condensation problem, a Healthy Home Evaluation is the place to start. 


Solving Your Indoor Air Quality Issues

Controlling the quality of the air in your home means controlling how much air is allowed in and out of your home. The team at Healthy Home Energy & Consulting does this by testing for air leaks, then sealing up those leaks one by one until your home is as tight as possible. Then we will help you with ventilation and filtration upgrades that will give you control over the removal of harmful particles and will reduce the dust in your home. 

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