Transforming your house into an energy-efficient Healthy Home™

From insulation to air sealing, The Healthy Home™ Team has got the total home performance upgrades you need. 

The most cost-effective way to make your Bedford, Somers or Westchester home more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient is to start with air sealing work and high-performance insulation.

Seal and Insulate it Tight, Ventilate it Right!

Why is it that air sealing and insulation go so well together, and how can both of these home improvements affect your everyday comfort and energy use? At Healthy Home Energy and Consulting™, we consider ourselves lifelong students of the best in building science practices and techniques. What we have learned is that it is best to seal and insulate a home from top to bottom, and then ensure the home is ventilated properly to ensure a steady stream of fresh air. When it comes to improving the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and saving money, insulation and air sealing provide the controlled environment required to reduce energy loss.

Air Sealing

Through performance based air sealing, you can say goodbye to air leakage and achieve an airtight seal to reduce the number of contaminants and unwanted temperatures that slip through the cracks hidden throughout your home. Learn more about air sealing benefits.

High Performance Insulation

Choosing the right high performance insulation material for your home is essential if you want to benefit from your insulation upgrade — but choosing the right places and installing it correctly are equally as important! If you are in the process of choosing between cellulose and spray foam insulation or are curious about which areas of the home are the most important to insulate, you can learn more about high performance insulation here.

Healthy Home™ is not just another attic insulation or air sealing contractor. We are a full service, whole home solutions company. We don’t just provide air sealing in the attic or fiberglass insulation replacement; our team of expert building science professionals will assess your entire Westchester home, as an interconnected system, and provide you with a custom whole home solution that fits your needs and budget. Other healthy home services include:


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