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Healthy Home™ Energy and Consulting is all about finding solutions to your indoor air quality (IAQ) problems, whether your house is old or new. Our professional team will track down the sources of your problems with state-of-the-art IAQ testing equipment. We offer air quality testing throughout Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield counties.

Common problems with indoor air quality stem from moisture overload in the house and the resulting mold growth. Other indoor air quality issues are related to:

  • Poor ventilation in the house
  • Poorly performing combustion appliances (gas or oil fired furnaces, boilers and water heaters)
  • Chemical overload (new finishes and materials, paint/sealant/adhesive and/or pesticides and other toxic chemicals stored inside)
  • Elevated radon levels

Home Health Evaluation will include:

  • Particle Allergens

  • Chemicals

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • Temperature

  • Relative Humidity

  • Carbon Monoxide

Upon Visual Inspection, we may also recommend additional testing for:

  • Mold

  • Radon

  • Combustion Safety Testing

Since many indoor air quality and health problems can stem from high moisture levels, mold remediation is one of our most common recommendations.

Test First, Then Fix!

You cannot get rid of a mold without dealing with the moisture problem, so tracing the moisture problem back to the source is crucial to solving the problem.

If you're experiencing mold problems in your house, you'll have a gap between our air assessment, the mold testing results and the mold remediation work. Here are some mold prevention tips to get you through that gap:

  • Run a fan when cooking or showering (only if the fan is vented to the outside)
  • Keep furniture away from the exterior walls where mold is present to allow air to circulate
  • Replace your cardboard storage boxes with mold-resistant plastic bins with well-sealed lids
  • Don't store firewood indoors

Common Indoor Air Contaminants

Gases and particles from combustion are the leading source of indoor air pollution worldwide, so we test for combustion spillage. Carbon monoxide (CO) is one of the top pollutants released by combustion, causing a wide range of symptoms, from headaches and nausea to confusion, unconsciousness, and even death.

Mold isn't the only biological polluter that causes health challenges in a home. Other polluters include dust mites and cockroaches (actually, it's their feces and body parts), urine and droppings from rodent infestations, pet dander, pollen and bacteria from the exterior.

Testing can point to some biological pollutants, but our air quality assessments also rely on your observations of pests in the house, and the trained eye of our indoor air quality assessors to find the sources.

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