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We all spend time thinking about the food we put into our bodies and how it contributes to our overall health, comfort and well being. But what about the place where you (and your body) spends an estimated 90% of your time—indoors! Your home can affect your health in a number of ways, from the air you breathe to hazards from the building materials that make up your home. 

Our thorough whole-home energy audit called a Healthy Home Evaluation, will diagnose any issues affecting your home’s health and provide a clear path towards living in a healthier, more energy-efficient Tri-State Area home.


What’s Included in a Healthy Home Evaluation?

As a Building Performance Institute GoldStar® Certified contractor and NYSERDA energy audit contractor, our biggest asset, when it comes to identifying the home performance issues threatening the health of your home, is our eyes. However, we do use a number of tests to help guide and verify each of our energy saving healthy home upgrades, including:

  • Evaluation of air filtration systems 
  • Evaluation of fresh air systems
  • Air leakage testing (professional blower door testing)

  • Infrared camera imaging

  • Indoor air quality testing

  • Combustion safety testing

What to Do with the Results

Once your Healthy Home Evaluation is complete, we will provide you with the results along with your customized solution to make your home a healthier place to live, work, and play. This will include the results from testing your indoor air quality with an AirAdvice test, which will show you what could be causing your frequent colds or headaches!

When you are ready to move forward with your Healthy Home solution, all home upgrades and system installations will be completed by our in-house team of building science experts. 

Insulate Tight, Ventilate Right!

We often get the question, “Can a home be made too tight?”, and our answer is: A house is never too tight, just underventilated! When a home is too leaky, with air leaks hidden throughout the attic, crawl space, windows, exterior doors, and ceiling, outdoor air is allowed to infiltrate the living space. 

This outside air brings with it moisture and outdoor pollutants, but it can also help spread contaminants that already live in other areas of your home, like dust and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This is why our Healthy Home Evaluations include envelope air sealing testing, otherwise called a blower door test.

Common home performance upgrades that can increase your home health and make your house more energy efficient in the process include:

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