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How much can I expect to save throughout the year?
We guarantee a cost saving of up to 40% off your yearly energy bills.

What causes a musty smell in my home?

Generally speaking…. a musty smell is caused by increased levels of relative humidity and moisture. Your Healthy Home Evaluation will determine the sources of moisture and relative humidity in your home. We will then provide you with a solution to the source of the problem, treating the “disease” not just putting a bandaid on the symptom.

How much time does an evaluation take?
The evaluation itself usually takes from between 2 to 4 hours. The report, prepared in our facility, is personally delivered and reviewed with you within one week.

What equipment do you use during your evaluation?
Our highly trained efficiency experts only use the highest quality tools and equipment while assessing your home's performance, health and safety.

What is your availability?
We are available Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and we are also available for weekend and evening appointments upon request. Inquire for details.

Do you have a guarantee on your modifications?
Yes, we do. We will go through the guarantee with you personally, depending on the type of work performed.

What is my involvement during the evaluation and modification processes?
As this is an educational process, we encourage your involvement as much as your schedule allows. 

How do you choose your staff and crew?
Jon and Kevin personally interview every new employee. We look for passionate, motivated individuals that are eager to learn. Our advanced continuing education platform and team building sessions keep all of our employees up to date and inspired to be the best we can be.

What types of payment are accepted?
We accept personal checks, Mastercard and VISA.

Is a stand-alone room air purifier enough to clean my air?

A standalone, single room air purifier can certainly make the air around it cleaner, but it should not be used as a whole home solution. Unless you plan to only breathe in the room with the air purifier, these single-room solutions will not solve your greater indoor air quality problems.

What is the Healthy Home Energy & Consulting process during COVID-19?

We are committed to the health of your home, as well as the health and safety of you and your family. Fortunately, most of the work we do takes place outside of your home — but we have also implemented standard protective equipment that meets or exceeds CDC recommendations, and touch-less interaction protocols. You can read more about it here.

How is the Healthy Home Evaluation different from a traditional energy audit?

A traditional energy audit may only go as far as looking at your home energy use, and comfort. With a Healthy Home Evaluation, we take the traditional energy audit further by including health-oriented diagnostics, like indoor air quality testing. We utilize a “house as a system” approach along with  the latest scientific instrumentation and our expertise in building science to identify/solve,  your energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor pollution issues. The goal of a Healthy Home Evaluation is to learn how we can help make your home a healthier place to live, while also reducing your energy consumption and increasing the comfort of your home.

What air purifier is most effective for my home? 

No two homes are exactly alike, especially when it comes to air quality. The best air purifier for your home will depend on the design of your home, and the respiratory sensitivities of you and your family members. A whole home air filtration system is typically the best way to reduce indoor air contaminants.

What is an appropriate humidity level in my home?

In short, the optimum humidity for an indoor environment is between 30% and 50%. The more control you can have over your indoor humidity, the more control you have over mold and bacteria growth, and thus more control over the health of your home. Sensitivities to relative humidity vary from person to person. Maximum comfort will result when you adjust to these individual sensitivities.  Some homes require a whole house dehumidification system to control and maintain the optimal healthy range of indoor relative humidity.

Does indoor air quality impact asthma?

Yes! Indoor air quality can trigger asthma symptoms, as well as allergy-like symptoms in those that do not have an asthma diagnosis. Indoor air quality is an essential part of a healthy home. Limiting the amount of uncontrolled air leakage pathways is of paramount importance in reducing the sources of these asthma triggers.

Are low levels of carbon monoxide safe?

No level of carbon monoxide exposure is “safe”. Levels of 1 to 70 parts per million are considered lower risk, but can still cause chest pain. Any exposure above those concentrations is known to cause headache, fatigue, disorientation, and nausea. We test the level of carbon monoxide present in your home during a Healthy Home Evaluation and test all of your combustion appliances like your heating system and hot water heater to ensure they are operating safely.

Can a house be over insulated?

There is no real risk in installing too much insulation or making your home too “air tight.” Through our Healthy Home Evaluation, we will determine your home’s insulation needs and provide you with a customized whole home solution including the appropriate healthy amount of fresh air

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