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Are you looking to save money on your energy bills and make your home more energy efficient? It can seem like most energy upgrades are too small to really make a difference on your bottom line.
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Saving money on your energy bills in Northern Westchester and Putnam County, NY means making energy saving upgrades to your home. Healthy Home Energy & Consulting can give your home proper air sealing, insulation, installation of a mini split heat pump and even solar to help you lower energy costs.
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If you have a room, such as a bedroom or office, that is notoriously hard to cool, summer brings not only warmer temperatures but also increased discomfort and high air conditioning bills. Luckily, there is a simple way to keep that hard-to-cool room in your home comfortable even in the heat of summer.
healthy home, nyserda, hvhpp, heat pump, hudson valley heat pump program, NY
A cold-climate heat pump can heat and cool your home efficiently year-round. And thanks to the Hudson Valley Heat Pump Project, getting a heat pump for your home is now more affordable than ever.
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Want to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and keep your home cooler in the summer? You can with home insulation.
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It’s natural to turn to your air conditioning to provide the cool comfort you need during the warm summer months but there’s more you can do to ensure greater comfort, help your AC unit operate more efficiently, and lengthen the life of your AC unit.
crawlspace encapsulation, insulation, air sealing, summer, healthy home, NY
If your crawlspace has been left untreated, it is most likely damp and dirty. You may notice a foul-smelling odor, particularly in summer. There may even be insects or rodents nesting there. Vents in your crawlspace allow outside air to pass through easily, bringing with it moisture and pollutants from the outside.
1 in 12 people in the U.S. suffers from asthma. Unfortunately, common triggers can easily cause an episode. Avoiding and preventing triggers is key to living with asthma.
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When you think of all the things that cause allergies to act up, you may picture the outdoors—fields of grass, flowers, trees and pollen. But there can be as many allergens inside your home as there are outside it.
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You certainly know about any symptoms that your home may be experiencing. But besides knowing that these symptoms indicate an issue with your home, you aren’t sure of what’s actually causing them. This is where a comprehensive home energy assessment comes in.


What Our Customers Are Saying

  • As soon as the Healthy Home workers were finished, I noticed there were no more drafts or 'cold rooms' in the house. Our comfort level immediately increased.

    John K.,
  • What a difference Healthy Home made! They stuck to their estimates, were conscientious in completing the work and cleaned up after themselves every day. I felt comfortable having them in my home, and I have already seen savings in our bills.

  • The workers were definitely a real team. It was nice to see them in uniforms with Healthy Home branded equipment. My home didn't feel like a construction site at all.

  • Fantastic. Jon and his crew were efficient, very clean, very thorough, polite, professional, and very nice...not to mention on schedule. Their solution on how to insulate our roof and garage was also better than the other bids we received. I would recommend them without question.

    Sleepy Hollow, NY
  • Once agreed and the appointment was set, Chris and his crew arrived right on time and completed the project exactly in the time frame he advised. I met the crew and they were all extremely nice and the work was exceptional, surpassing my expectations.

    Stamford, CT
  • Working with Healthy Home was a great experience - from the initial emails with Chris to our first meeting with Jon and then the actual work being completed. Everyone was super responsive and reliable. The house feels more comfortable and we had such an enjoyable time getting to this point.

    Chappaqua, NY
  • We have been very pleased and completely satisfied with Healthy Home Energy and Consulting. We wanted more energy efficiency out of our 100 year old house. Healthy Home Energy and Consulting first performed a thorough audit finding many areas in our house that could be better insulated.

    Bedford Hills, NY
  • HH performed a comprehensive energy audit and suggested three waves of work. We have completed the first wave - sealing the home from infiltration and insulating a floor that was directly exposed to the cold. Amazing difference in comfort level after the work was complete.

    White Plains, NY
  • I recommend Healthy Home without reservation. They are reliable, thorough, on-time and very knowledgeable. They did a wonderful job with the installation of my ductless heat pump/AC unit.

    Kate S.,
    Mahopac, NY
  • Working with Healthy Home to purchase my solar PV panels was a terrific experience... They handled all of the permitting, utility and rebate paperwork... We now have a solar system that reduces our electricity costs significantly and looks great.

    Pound Ridge, NY