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You may not be able to control the outdoor humidity here in Westchester County, but you can gain control over the humidity in your home, and your house can be all the healthier for it.

Not only can excess moisture in your home create an unpleasant, musty smell and make everything feel sticky and uncomfortable in the middle of the summer, but damp indoor conditions can lead to mold-like conditions and bacteria or fungal growth. Here at Healthy Home Energy & Consulting, we have several moisture reducing measures, like our performance based air sealing. However, for some homes, the best solution is active dehumidification with a whole home dehumidifier. 

Why Install a Whole House Dehumidifier?

You are likely familiar with the standard portable dehumidifiers that you see in basements and crawlspaces. Having a dehumidifier in the basement can be a great way to reduce the humidity in one area of your home, but if you are looking for a more complete solution, Healthy Home installed whole home dehumidification systems are significantly more energy efficient than stand-alone units, provide excellent air filtration with MERV 13 filters, and will go further in providing your home with the health benefits of dehumidification  These benefits include:

  • Fewer musty odors

  • Reduced window condensation

  • Increased indoor air quality

  • Lower risk of mold and bacteria growth

How Whole Home Dehumidifiers Work 

A standard crawl space dehumidifier is a stand-alone piece of equipment that is plugged into the wall to dehumidify the space it is installed in. A whole house dehumidifier can be installed in-line with your central heating and cooling system, and will remove the moisture from the air as it circulates through your HVAC ducts. This provides better coverage for your dehumidification, while also using less energy in the long run!

Is Whole Home Dehumidification Right for You?

Is your dehumidifier just not doing the trick? Are you tired of the musty smell in your basement, or the sticky feeling you feel in your own home during the particularly humid months? Installing a whole home dehumidification solution with Healthy Home Energy & Consulting could be just the ticket your home needs to stay comfortable — and more importantly, stay healthy! Ask our team about dehumidification, and schedule your Healthy Home Evaluation today.

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Tired of the stuffy and humid air in your home? 

We can find the right whole home solution for you.


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