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The Best Way to Maintain a Healthy Home? Maintain Your Heating & Cooling!

Getting your home to be as healthy as possible is one thing, but keeping it that way is another. The heating, cooling, ductless air conditioning, and ventilation systems of your home are like the engine that keeps your healthy home running comfortably, and safely — which is why at Healthy Home Energy & Consulting we take special care to inspect, clean, repair, and maintain the HVAC systems of healthy homes throughout Westchester, Putnam, and Fairfield counties. 

More Than Just Heating and Cooling Service

Our team of certified building science and indoor air quality professionals know that it takes more than fixing one system in your home to keep your home healthy. Home improvement upgrades that are uncovered in a Healthy Home Evaluation, like insulation and air duct sealing, may start your home health on the right foot, however, a failing furnace, mini split system, or air conditioner can pose a health risk in an otherwise healthy home and can keep your energy costs unnecessarily high. With regular maintenance, you can be sure your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems are operating at peak health and energy efficiency. 

What is Included in Your HVAC Maintenance

With each maintenance call, our Healthy Home technicians start by setting up a 30 minute Air Advice Test and a full visual inspection. This indoor air quality test will give you and your family a clear picture of what kinds of harmful gasses and particles are in your breathing air.




Additionally, with each inspection, we run through our healthy home checklist which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Thorough cleaning of the indoor air handler

  • Visual inspection of ductwork

  • Checking and cleaning all filters (replace if necessary)

  • Brushing and cleaning the condenser coil and housing

  • Refrigerant level inspection

  • Properly lubricating all moving parts

  • Checking and clearing all condensate drain lines

  • Belt tension check

  • Humidifier inspection

  • Thermostat operations test

  • System function check

  • Electrical systems check

Join the Healthy Home Advantage Club, and Leave It to Us!

When it comes to scheduling regular maintenance to maintain the health of your heating and cooling system (and thus, the rest of your home), we recommend two maintenance visits per year—once before the heating season, and once before cooling season begins. However, if you don’t want to be responsible for remembering to schedule your bi-annual visits, join the Healthy Home Advantage Club. We will keep track of your twice-a-year maintenance visits, and you’ll take advantage of these extra perks:

  • 15% discount on parts and labor

  • Access to exclusive promotions

  • Priority scheduling 

  • Access to 24/7 emergency service 

A well-maintained heating and cooling system means a healthy home. Schedule an appointment to get a quote on your customized service and maintenance plan. Call 914-242-9733 or get in touch here

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