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Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulate matter are a far-too-common byproduct of the construction materials, furnishings, and chemicals we use in our homes. High levels of these harmful contaminants can begin to affect your health in the form of allergic reactions, respiratory issues, and even asthma.

Where Can VOCs & Particulate Matter Come From?

There can be many sources for the particulate matter recirculating in your breathing air via your heating and cooling system, including:

  • Building materials

  • Carpeting

  • Furniture

  • Synthetic materials

  • Fuel fumes

  • Scented products

  • Personal care products

  • Household products such as paint, glue, and plastics

  • Cleaning supplies

The best way to clean the air in your house is to start with indoor air quality and VOC testing. This is included in every Healthy Home Evaluation and will give you a rundown of what kind of issues you are dealing with. Each indoor air quality test includes results on particles, chemicals, carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity, and carbon monoxide. This will guide how we move forward with solving your indoor air quality issues. 

What’s Next? Breathe Easy!

Using the information gathered, our team of Healthy Home Specialists certified in building science will develop your custom Healthy Home Solution with the best strategies for improving your indoor air quality and making your home healthier. With our own trained and certified full-time healthy home technicians, we can implement the solutions and perform all the necessary upgrades. Common solutions for improving the health of your home can include:

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