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March 12, 2021

What does your mail delivery person and a heat pump have in common? They both deliver what you need, come rain, snow, or sunshine!

You may know what this means when it comes to your mail, but how does it translate to heating and cooling equipment? Heat pumps are on the rise as the self-sufficient solution for supplementing or replacing an existing heating and cooling system—here’s everything you need to know about them. 

Heat Pumps Are Versatile

Yes, you read it right in the title of this article—heat pumps provide year round comfort. Heat pumps utilize the same process as your air conditioner and refrigerator, only this process works in two directions. In the summer, a heat pump gathers the heat inside your home and sends it back outside, which reduces the amount of cold air your heat pump will be required to provide to keep your home comfortable. 

In the winter, this same process reverses and a heat pump gathers heat from the outside air (even when temps are below freezing), and sends it inside. What does all this mean? You get heating and cooling, all in one! Plus, ductless heat pumps (also known as ductless mini split heat pumps) can be installed separately from your central ductwork, making them a versatile solution for recently added rooms or areas that are hard to keep comfortable. 

Heat Pumps Are Very Efficient

Because they simply move heat instead of creating it, a heat pump is very efficient. Some heat pumps are estimated to provide 3 kilowatts of thermal energy for every 1 kilowatt of electrical energy used. Because heat pumps can operate all year, that’s year-round comfort and energy savings!

Heat Pumps Are Low Maintenance

Even with a new heat pump in your New York home, regular maintenance will be required to keep your home healthy, comfortable, and efficient. Plus, no one likes to scramble to find HVAC maintenance and repair near them when something goes awry. Heat pumps, while they do still require some maintenance, can be easier to maintain than traditional furnaces and air conditioners.

Leave Your Spring HVAC Maintenance Checklist to Us

Did the mention of maintenance have you fretting about the last time you scheduled a maintenance or HVAC repair? We recommend maintenance at least twice a year, between the heating and cooling seasons. However, if you want to leave your HVAC service checklist to us, join the Healthy Home Advantage Club! When you are a Healthy Home Advantage Club member, you get access to many other benefits that go beyond just keeping your HVAC equipment in shape, including:

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A healthy heating and cooling system is a part of a healthy home. Schedule a Healthy Home Assessment today and learn if heat pump installation will help keep your home comfortable, your family healthy, and your energy bills low. 

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