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September 18, 2020

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If you are looking to make your home a healthier, ventilation and air purification are your greatest ally. As harmful particles like bacteria, viruses, allergens, and chemicals enter your home through tiny air holes or open windows and doors, they are absorbed into your heating and cooling system where they recirculate the air you and your family breathe in and out, day after day. 

In order to make the air in your home healthier,  air purification is often necessary. The award winning Intellipure home purification system is a medical grade air purification system used by many major medical centers such as Mayo Clinic and NY Presbyterian. This same technology is now available for use in your home to keep your home and family safe and healthy all year long! 

  • Pair the Intellipure air purification system with a whole home ventilation for the ultimate healthy home!

  • The whole house purification system attaches to your existing heating and air conditioning duct system to filter all the air circulating throughout your home. 
  • The Intellipure air purification system deactivates mold, viruses, fungi and bacteria inside the filter. 
  • Made right here in Upstate NY!

Will The Intellipure System Work Against COVID-19?

The pressing question is, will the Intellipure system filter out COVID-19? The short answer is, it is too early to tell whether this filtration system is certifiably effective at stopping the spread of that particular virus throughout a home. However, we do know that the Intellipure system has been proven effective against particles similar, and even smaller than the Coronavirus, eliminating particles down to 0.0007 microns. This is 40 times more effective than HEPA filters! 

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