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July 8, 2021

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Controlling the humidity in your home is an essential but daunting task for Westchester County homes, especially when you are trying to finally rid your space of that musty smell or even recurring mold growth. A whole home dehumidifier can carry most of the weight of your dehumidification needs, and provide some surprising benefits:

Increased Indoor Air Quality

Keeping your air dry will keep it healthy, and in turn, keep your family healthy all year!

Greater Indoor Comfort

No one likes that muggy and oppressive feeling outside, so why let it ruin your indoor environment, too? A dry home is a comfortable home. 

Less Mold & Mildew

Mold most often develops in areas with humidity levels consistently above 60%, which is common in a basement or crawl space. 

Fewer Unpleasant Odors

That musty or mildew-y smell is most often caused by the humidity in your home. Proper dehumidification can get rid of the smell!

Less Window Condensation

Window condensation occurs when the moisture in your home’s air meets a window’s colder surface. The lower your humidity, the less moisture to condense!

How a Whole Home Dehumidifier Works

A whole home dehumidifier connects to the ductwork of your central heating and cooling system and dehumidifies the air that is delivered throughout your home. This results in even dehumidification across your entire living space, maximizing the benefits of humidity control in your Westchester home. 

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