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New AC Not Cooling Your Home? An Energy Evaluation Can Help

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July 31, 2018

So you’ve just invested in a new air conditioner, and now you’re ready to sit back and let the summer cooling begin. But from the moment you turn on that new AC unit, something isn’t quite right. Your house just isn’t as comfortable as you imagined, and your utility bills haven’t changed much, either. What could be going wrong?

Even if you have the most advanced and energy efficient AC system in Westchester or Putnam County, it’s not going to matter if issues like air leaks or insulation gaps are letting outside heat seep into your home. If you want to get the most from your new AC this summer, it’s time to schedule a comprehensive home energy evaluation.

Get Answers with a Comprehensive Home Energy Evaluation

A home energy evaluation or energy audit is an in-depth look at the overall efficiency of your house. During the evaluation, a trained professional will use advanced equipment like a blower door and a thermal imaging camera to uncover inefficiencies.

They might discover, for example, that conditioned indoor air is escaping into the attic or that heat is entering your home through poorly insulated exterior walls, forcing your AC unit to work harder. After the evaluation, you’ll receive a detailed report about your house and a list of recommended improvements, so you can start enjoying your new air conditioner.

Targeted Solutions for Greater Indoor Comfort

Usually, home performance experts find during an energy evaluation that air leaks and missing insulation are undermining home comfort. That’s why the following home improvements are usually recommended first for hot, uncomfortable homes.

Air sealing

Before you go throwing some pink insulation into your attic, you should know that air sealing with spray foam is really the first step to creating more consistent indoor temperatures year-round. Air sealing eliminates all of those holes, cracks, and gaps throughout your home which allow air to travel freely in and out of your living spaces.


Once your home is well sealed, it’s time to add a thermal barrier along the exterior of your home using spray foam or cellulose insulation. Insulation in key areas like the attic, floors, and walls will keep outdoor heat out in the summer and indoor heat in during the winter.

Mini-split installation

If your home is well sealed, properly insulated, and has a high performance AC system, there’s one more solution that can help you improve indoor comfort — mini-split heat pump installation. A mini-split provides targeted cooling (and heating!) in a particular room or area, making it a great addition to that one hot room – like the room over the garage.

Reduce the Stress on Your AC System with Healthy Home™

Don’t let minor inefficiencies in your New York home rob you of home comfort and utility bill savings. A Healthy Home evaluation by Healthy Home™ Energy & Consulting will help you determine what’s undermining your home comfort, and solutions like air sealing, insulation, and mini-split installation will reduce the workload on your new AC unit.

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