Transforming your NY house into an energy efficient, healthy home.

Turn Your House Into a Healthy Home™

November 13, 2017

Maximize the efficiency of your home for greater comfort, health & savings.

Go Solar

Using the sun’s energy to power your home will help to reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills. You’ll also be helping to protect the environment with fewer carbon emissions.

Benefits: Savings & Health

Install or Upgrade Insulation

Prevent heat from escaping during the winter and entering during the summer with insulation. You’ll be more comfortable and reduce the strain on your heating and cooling systems.

Benefits: Comfort, Savings & Health

Air Seal

Air sealing will prevent hot and cold air from entering and exiting. This eliminates drafts and also works to reduce your home’s energy waste so you can save more money.

Benefits: Comfort, Savings & Health

Replace Your Windows

Once you’ve insulated and air sealed, your home might benefit from new windows to further increase energy efficient and comfort. New windows will also add curb appeal.

Benefits: Comfort, Savings & Health

Install a Mini-Split

A mini-split is one of the most energy efficient HVAC systems available. It can both heat and cool, and doesn’t require ductwork so your home’s air stays healthier.

Benefits: Comfort, Savings & Health

Get an Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Many pollutants, toxins, and gases can affect your home’s indoor air quality. Get your air tested to make sure you and your family stays safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Benefits: Health & Comfort

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