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“Contacting Energize NY led to a huge increase in my comfort level, especially during the past two brutal winters .”

Flo Brodley - Heritage Hills, NY

Year & Style: 1986 Sherman Condo

Square Feet: 1,800

Bedrooms/Baths: 3 BR/2 BA

Heat Source: Electric

Home Performance Contractor

Healthy Home Energy & Consulting, Inc.

Increase in Comfort & Energy Performance

During the winter months, Flo Brodley was consistently cold in her home despite her best efforts to keep her house warm by using thermal draperies and wearing wooly socks, sweaters and hats. Frustrated by her home being so uncomfortable, Flo began looking for a solution. Flo found Energize NY, which quickly helped her become more energy efficient. Using Healthy Home Energy & Consulting, Flo had a home energy evaluation through NYSERDA’s Home Performance program. The energy evaluation helped identify problems, such as big gaps and cracks throughout the house without proper insulation, and outdated appliances that were wasting energy. Her contractor recommended a range of efficiency upgrades to choose from and after considering her options, Flo chose to add insulation and air sealing in her house. Flo also upgraded her appliances to the most energy efficient models using the NY rebate. Today, Flo’s home is warm and comfortable and no longer has those frigid drafts in the winter months. This was an extremely positive and informative experience for Flo and because of that, she has shared her story with her Heritage Hills neighbors and throughout Westchester, inspiring many homeowners to also get Energized!

Homeowner Concerns:

  • Air leaking out of the house due to insulation issues

  • Drafts throughout the home

Problems Uncovered:

  • Caulking missing throughout the house, especially lacking in the ceiling and walls

  • No insulation surrounding the high hat lights

  • Outdated refrigerator, dishwasher and stove (not up to ENERGY STAR standards)

Resulting Benefits:

  • Considerably more comfortable in both winter and summer

  • Much less heat loss in the winter

Improvements Completed:

  • Air sealed house to reduce air leakage from 2945 CFM50 to 1559 CFM50 (53% Reduction)

  • Sealed entire duct distribution system from air-handler to registers using Aeroseal

  • Air-sealed attic to 2nd floor interface; installed airtight covers for attic hatch and recessed lighting

  • Insulated attic area with loose-fill cellulose to an **R-Value not less than 38

**The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance. The higher the value, the less heat conducted through the insulation.

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