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“Healthy Home's installation process was amazing and they have always responded to any questions or requests we have had. The Energize NY staff and website were key in making our decision easier and the whole process much clearer.”

Steve Samaha – Pound Ridge, NY

Year & Style: 1966 Ranch

Square Feet: 2,875

Bedrooms/Baths: 4 BR, 3 BA

Heat Source: Oil Boiler

Home Performance Contractor

Healthy Home Energy & Consulting, Inc.

Fuel Oil Savings: 18%

Steve Samaha knew that energy efficiency measures could help reduce air leaking from his 1966 ranch style home, a problem that was costing him money and making his home uncomfortable too. With the help of Energize NY, he researched his options and chose Healthy Home Energy & Consulting to complete a comprehensive energy evaluation on his house. The results of the evaluation confirmed Steve's belief that much of the wasted energy could be saved through proper insulation and better air sealing. Having completed the work, Steve knows he is no longer losing energy and money through unseen cracks and inadequately insulated walls. The increased comfort and energy savings make for one happy homeowner.

Homeowner Concerns:

  • Reducing home energy costs

  • Installing proper insulation

  • Increasing home comfort

Problems Uncovered:

  • Air leakage throughout entire home

  • Leaky duct system

  • Out-of-date thermostats

Improvements Completed:

  • Air sealed house to reduce air leakage from 5320 CFM50 to 3149 CFM50 (41%)

  • Insulated roof structure with R-38* expanded polystyrene insulation

  • Insulated sloped roof with R-24 cellulose insulation

  • Insulated garage ceiling with R-31 cellulose insulation

  • Insulated boiler room rim joist with R-21 high density foam insulation

  • Sealed supply duct-work to R-25 CFM25 and return duct-work to R-20 CFM25

  • Installed two programmable heating/cooling thermostats

Resulting Benefits:

  • Energy Savings

  • Improved comfort and value

  • More even room temperatures

*The R-value is a measure of thermal resistance. The higher the value, the less heat conducted through the insulation.

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