Transforming your house into an energy-efficient Healthy Home™

Healthy Home Energy and Consulting is taking the COVID-19/Coronavirus seriously and wanted to share the specific actions we’re taking. From our founding 10 years ago, we’ve built our entire company approach around helping homeowners achieve healthy, clean, safe, efficient homes. In this unprecedented time, those goals are more important than ever. Even as we move past the roller coaster that was 2020, those goals are more important than ever.

We Follow All State and Local Guidelines and Procedures

Strategies and procedures are constantly evolving as new information comes to light, but here at Healthy Home Energy and Consulting, we are fully committed to following all federal, state, and local laws and health guidelines.

All of our work is aimed at creating a healthier home for you and your family

This has been our company’s northern light since we started and if there ever was a time to assure that the sanctuary of our homes is safe, clean and healthy, it is now. Everything we do or recommend in your home has this goal in mind--stopping outside air from entering your home, controlling moisture, assuring a steady supply of fresh air, assuring maximum comfort. Our unique Healthy Home Evaluation, in addition to identifying energy-saving potential, is also a comprehensive assessment of ways to improve the indoor air quality and overall health of your home. 

Keeping our employees healthy and safe

We have a generous sick day policy such that no one working for HH will feel pressured to work if they have even the slightest indication of illness. We’ve stepped up our training in hygiene practices, both for our employees in their personal lives and when working on customer’s homes.

Virtually all of our work takes place outside of the home’s living area

For almost all of our jobs, the vast majority of our work is outside the living space of your home in attics and crawlspaces (what we building scientists refer to as “outside the envelope.”) That means, during the time we’ll be working on your home, we can minimize or eliminate the need to enter your living space. 

Protective equipment for our teams is standard

As standard practice, for as long as we’ve been in business, we provide our teams with advanced respiratory protection and clothing. The respirators our team members wear are amongst the most protective and sophisticated in our industry--with substantially higher filtration capabilities than is being recommended for COVID-19. Employees wear these masks at all times in your home, protecting both themselves and your family.

If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to reach out to me directly. 

Stay healthy and safe,

Kevin Brenner

President and Founder