Transforming your house into an energy-efficient Healthy Home™

How Healthy Is Your Home?

According to the EPA outdoor pollutants can be 2-5x more concentrated indoors where you and your family spend 90% of your time.

The next few questions will provide important clues about what might need to be improved in your home.

Most people equate a home that smells like cleaning products with a healthy home. That isn't always true. If you are cleaning with chemical products, vacuuming without a HEPA filter, or even burning scented candles you may be making your air much less healthy and introducing allergy and asthma triggers.
Excess or uncontrolled moisture is one of the most ignored and damaging events that can happen to your home – causing odors, mold, and structural damage, sometimes in as little as 24 hours. Moisture can also accumulate from routine, everyday activities - like cooking, bathing, even breathing - and combine with other factors in your home in surprising ways.
The next set of questions help us understand the possible impact that the conditions in your home might be having on your health and quality of life.