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How Does Air Sealing Impact Indoor Air Quality? blog header image

Keep allergens and moisture out of your house with air sealing and air duct sealing from Healthy Home Energy & Consulting.

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Find out why mini-split heat pumps allow for maximum comfort in your Westchester County home and get expert heat pump installation with Healthy Home Energy.

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Increasing your home’s energy efficiency involves many variables working together in a whole home approach. Call Healthy Home™ Energy & Consulting for healthy house upgrades throughout Westchester County. 

Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Insulation videographic header image

Save on your energy bills this year by adding insulation upgrades to your spring cleaning list! Call Healthy Home Energy & Consulting for home performance services throughout New York. 

Why Pearl Certification for Your Home Matters blog header image

Homes with Pearl Certification are more comfortable, safer, and sell for more! Find out how Healthy Home Energy & Consulting can help you get Pearl Certified in Westchester County, NY and the surrounding areas. 

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These are the best energy efficiency upgrades to reduce energy consumption in your home and lower your electric bills. Learn more about energy audits, home insulation, air sealing, and duct sealing from Healthy Home Energy & Consulting. 

First Step To Healthy Indoor Air? An Energy Audit blog header image

A Healthy Home Evaluation from Healthy Home Energy & Consulting is the first step to healthier indoor air. Schedule your audit with our team of local healthy home professionals today.

New Year’s Resolutions for Homes: A Path Toward a Healthy Home blog header image

Have you resolved to live in a healthier home this next year? Follow this path to learn the home upgrades that work together to keep your house healthier, more comfortable, and more efficient. Healthy Home Energy & Consulting offers insulation, air sealing, energy audits, HVAC, and indoor air quality solutions.

Why You Need an Energy Efficient Building Envelope for Winter blog header image

A tight building envelope can keep your home comfortable and save you money on your energy bills this winter. Learn more with a Healthy Home Assessment from Health Home Energy & Consulting! 

Indoor air quality issues in the winter can range from a funny smell near your heating air vents to seasonal allergy symptoms that return season after season. Healthy Home Energy & Consulting helps homeowners improve IAQ.