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Does the extra time you're spending indoors lately have you looking to upgrade your heating & cooling system? Healthy Home Energy & Consulting has the top things you should consider, like heat pump sizing & ductless mini split installation. Schedule a healthy home assessment to learn how to improve the health of your home.

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Have you heard about the all-electric home, also known as the process of electrification? Learn how your Westchester County home can benefit from upgrading to all-electric heating & cooling, electric laundry, and more. Healthy Home Energy & Consulting helps homeowners reduce their reliance on fossil fuels.

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Find out if problems with your furnace could be causing chronic headaches or other symptoms, and what you can do to solve them. Healthy Home Energy & Consulting is the local expert to turn to for IAQ testing and whole-home health and performance upgrades like fresh air systems and heat pumps.

cellulose spray foam insulation

What are the pros and cons of insulation materials like spray foam and cellulose? Properly insulating your home can lead to energy savings, increased home comfort, and make your home a healthier place. Healthy Home Energy & Consulting discusses the difference between the two & how you can choose the right material.

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Upgrading the insulation in your home can help improve many aspects of your comfort and efficiency, but how do you know how much R-value your home needs? Healthy Home Energy & Consulting walks you through the recommended R-values for Westchester, Fairfield, and Putnam Counties here in New York.

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You may have heard about what air sealing is, but how does it benefit the health of your home in Westchester County? Learn how air sealing improves the quality of the air you breathe and how it can make your home more comfortable and efficient. Healthy Home Energy & Consulting offers air sealing & air quality tests.

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Learn how much insulation is recommended in the homes of Westchester, Fairfield, and Lower Putnam Counties, and how proper insulation in your home can make it a healthier place to live. Schedule a Healthy Home Evaluation with Healthy Home Energy & Consulting to learn how much insulation your home needs.

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Learn four ways that fall can make the air in your home more contaminated, and how you can increase the health of your home through better insulation, air sealing, ventilation, and filtration. Schedule a Healthy Home Evaluation with Healthy Home Energy & Consulting to learn how you can stay comfortable and healthy this fall.

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Learn how a whole-home fresh air system efficiently removes the contaminated air from inside your home, and replaces it with purified, conditioned air for a healthier home. Healthy Home Energy & Consulting installs whole-home fresh air systems from Lifebreath to remove 99.97% of all contaminants in your breathing air.

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Have you heard more and more talk about ventilation and how to keep your home or office safer from the spread of viruses? Healthy Home Energy & Consulting explains how whole home ventilation and purification alongside an airtight, well insulated home to keep your family healthy. Schedule a Healthy Home Evaluation today.