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Saving money on your energy bills in Northern Westchester and Putnam County, NY means making energy saving upgrades to your home. Healthy Home™ Energy & Consulting can give your home proper air sealing, insulation, installation of a mini split heat pump and even solar to help you lower energy costs.

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If you have a room, such as a bedroom or office, that is notoriously hard to cool, summer brings not only warmer temperatures but also increased discomfort and high air conditioning bills. Luckily, there is a simple way to keep that hard-to-cool room in your home comfortable even in the heat of summer.

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A cold-climate heat pump can heat and cool your home efficiently year-round. And thanks to the Hudson Valley Heat Pump Project, getting a heat pump for your home is now more affordable than ever.

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Want to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and keep your home cooler in the summer? You can with home insulation.

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It’s natural to turn to your air conditioning to provide the cool comfort you need during the warm summer months but there’s more you can do to ensure greater comfort, help your AC unit operate more efficiently, and lengthen the life of your AC unit.
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If your crawlspace has been left untreated, it is most likely damp and dirty. You may notice a foul-smelling odor, particularly in summer. There may even be insects or rodents nesting there. Vents in your crawlspace allow outside air to pass through easily, bringing with it moisture and pollutants from the outside.
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1 in 12 people in the U.S. suffers from asthma. Unfortunately, common triggers can easily cause an episode. Avoiding and preventing triggers is key to living with asthma.

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When you think of all the things that cause allergies to act up, you may picture the outdoors—fields of grass, flowers, trees and pollen. But there can be as many allergens inside your home as there are outside it.
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You certainly know about any symptoms that your home may be experiencing. But besides knowing that these symptoms indicate an issue with your home, you aren’t sure of what’s actually causing them. This is where a comprehensive home energy assessment comes in.

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It’s not always easy to determine what’s compromising your indoor comfort. Inconsistent indoor temperatures may be caused by a variety of issues, including air leakage, gaps in insulation, or inefficient HVAC equipment.