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Did you know that the things you do in your own home will affect the health of your indoor air? Healthy Home Energy & Consulting explains indoor air quality and how the way you shower, clean, cook, and garden can affect the health of your air. Learn more about indoor air quality here.

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See how the whole home approach can improve the health of your New York home, by improving your indoor air quality and home comfort. Healthy Home Energy & Consulting uses the results of your Healthy Home Evaluation to target the home upgrades that will have the greatest impact on the health & comfort of your home.

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Are these quotes about indoor air quality, or a line from a horror flick? There are some scary truths about indoor air quality in your Westchester County area home, and breathing cleaner air has never been more important. Schedule an indoor air quality test for your home, with Healthy Home Energy & Consulting.

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Take a look at these four signs your ductwork might be affecting the quality of your indoor air, like increased dust, foul smells, and increased energy bills. Healthy Home Energy & Consulting offers indoor air quality tests and duct cleaning to help you improve the health of your home in Westchester County.

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Learn about the 3 elements that make up a healthy home, and learn about why an air tight and insulated home with proper ventilation can leave you feeling comfortable, healthy, and happy with your energy costs! Healthy Home Energy & Consulting offers indoor air quality upgrades through our Healthy Home Evaluations.

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If you are looking to buy an air purifier, make sure you have a plan — because the truth about portable air purifiers is that they might not accomplish the health goals you have for your Westchester County home! Schedule a Healthy Home Evaluation with Healthy Home Energy & Consulting today.

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Learn about the potential causes behind your home’s inconsistent temperatures and how you can improve your home health and comfort with upgrades like insulation and duct sealing. Healthy Home Energy & Consulting offers Healthy Home Evaluations to develop a plan for your home improvement project.

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Learn how to fix a hot room on the second floor of your Westchester County area house, through a better performing home. Healthy Home Energy & Consulting offers energy audit evaluations of your home, so you can reduce the heat that builds up in your living space. Schedule a healthy home assessment today.

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See how you can benefit from a whole house dehumidifier, and how you can keep your home healthy by keeping it dry. Healthy Home Energy & Consulting can assist you with all of your home dehumidification needs, and show you all of the additional ways you can live healthier in your own home. Schedule an evaluation today.

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Even when you already know you need an indoor air quality test, it can be tough to know when to schedule the next one. Learn about what can change your indoor air quality, and how to fix them from the IAQ experts at Healthy Home Energy & Consulting. Schedule a Healthy Home Evaluation and get an AirAdvice test today!