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With the weather finally warming up and the days getting longer, you’re probably itching to tackle some projects around the house. Maybe you’ve caught the decluttering bug, or you’re ready to tune up the garden outside. Whatever’s already on your spring cleaning list, you should add a Healthy Home™ Evaluation to it.

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Although we recently had an intense, but brief return to winter, spring will soon be here. For many of us, this means packing away the warm comforters and coats while also breaking out the cleaning supplies. For others, it means stocking up on tissues and Claritin.

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If you’re looking to sell your home at one point or another, all you need is one buyer. However, how long it takes to acquire that buyer and whether there are other potential offers can have great influence over how much your home will actually sell for.

While an updated kitchen or freshly renovated master suite can add value, that value is more subjective. A universal way to ensure that you get a return on your investment is with energy efficiency upgrades.

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In order to stay comfortable throughout the year, your home needs the right amount of insulation. Not only will this ensure appropriate temperatures year-round, but you’ll also experience improved energy efficiency for greater savings on your monthly energy bills. So you’re ready to make your home more comfortable, healthy and energy efficient and planning to install new insulation, but just how much does your Northern Westchester or Putnam County area home need anyway?

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Insulation is essential to maintaining a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient home year-round. If you’re thinking about upgrading or installing new insulation in your Northern Westchester or Putnam County area home, you should give spray foam serious consideration. What exactly can spray foam do well that other insulation types just can’t match?

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If you’re thinking about making improvements to your home in 2017, do you really know what will help you get the most value? While there are upgrades you can make like a kitchen renovation that can potentially increase the value of your Northern Westchester or Putnam County home if and when you decide to sell, there are improvements you can make that will have immediate and long-term benefits.

New Year's Resolutions for your home

As the new year draws nearer, you’re probably thinking of ways you can improve your life in 2017. Some of your resolutions may revolve around being healthier, saving money and spending more quality time with your family.

In fact, there are certain New Year’s resolutions you can establish for your home which will allow you to more easily stick to your personal goals. So, what exactly can you do for your home in 2017 to ensure it’s aligned with your resolutions?

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With the holidays only a couple of weeks away, you’re probably planning to spend more time at home with family or visiting guests. However, if your home isn’t healthy and prepared, you may quickly start noticing strange smells or stale air and even experience breathing difficulties. In order to guarantee health and comfort, managing your home’s indoor air quality is crucial.

So, what can you do to make sure your home is healthy for the holidays?

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If you find yourself not sleeping well and constantly waking up with sore throats, having to hold your breath as you walk into your basement or shivering when it’s cold outside, but your thermostat is set to 72 degrees, you’re not alone. Many homeowners in Northern Westchester and Putnam County are experiencing the same problems.

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At Healthy Home™ Energy & Consulting, we want you to receive the greatest possible benefits from your home. Unfortunately, too many houses are ripe with problems including uncomfortable temperatures, drafts, musty odors, excess moisture and indoor air pollution. If you’ve been suffering at home due to discomfort, illness or simply even high energy bills, a Healthy Home™ Evaluation can help.